Dairy Free

The phrase ’dairy-free’ is usually used to describe a diet that avoids cow’s milk and products made from it including yoghurts, cheeses, crème fraiche, cream, buttermilk etc. Most people thinks of dairy free as avoiding cow’s milk and go “dairy free” as a Diest choice (so if you are vegan) or if you are vegan or have other dietary preferences, or to help with overall health and wellness as sometimes cow’s milk can cause dietary intolerances and allergies.

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In the same way you can find healthy alternatives in the food and rinks aisles, not all supplements may be dairy free. Cow’s milk is made up of various sugar and proteins and for some of us, we simply cannot process them and find them very hard to digest. Lactose intolerance relates to lactose (a type of sugar) found in the dairy. If you suffer from any issues or make a vegan style choice about what to imbibe, then you need to be certain that products you use are dairy free. A dairy free diet has also been reported to help with other conditions like eczema and Asthma, stomach upsets and more serious illnesses like IBS.